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How Old To Buy CBD In Texas?

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Quick Summary: If you are wondering how old you must be to buy CBD products in Texas, our straightforward response is that there is no minimum age requirement. As long as the Texas products are driven from hemp, they are good to consume in Texas. 

When it comes to cannabis plants, there are 100+ cannabidiols present in them, but CBD and THC are the most famous among them. They offer several advantages, from relieving stress to reducing pain. That is why many states in the USA have started legalizing the selling of cannabis products in their area. 

Each state has its regulations, so one of the most common questions people ask is how old CBD products are in Texas and the legal age of cannabis possession in Texas. So, we have Texas to address this issue for once at all. 

Although there is no age limit to buying CBD products in Texas, there are regulations that may influence your purchase. So, if you want to find out about them, stay tuned. 

How Old You Have To Be To Buy CBD In Texas?

how old you have to be to buy cbd In texas

There is no age requirement to buy CBD products in Texas as long as cannabis is derived from hemp and it has the THC level of less than 0.03%. 

Although some legal dispensaries and sellers refused to sell you CBD products as an act of social responsibility if you are less than 18 y/o. 

Is CBD Legal For Minors In Texas?

No, there is no legal age requirement for cannabis consumption for minors. According to House bill 1325, the consumption of CBD products is legal in Texas for minors under certain conditions such as:

  • CBD Products are derived from hemp, not marijuana 
  • CBD products must contain THC less than 0.03%

But, from a medical perspective, it is recommended not to consume cannabis products if your age is less than 18. In addition, doctors also prohibit pregnant women’s and older adults from consuming cannabis products. 

Legal Status Of Hemp Based CBD Production In Texas

Governor Greg Abbot signed House Bill 1325, making CBD production and selling legal in Texas. This law was implemented in September 2019, and it clearly states that there is no legal age for cannabis purchase and no legal age for cannabis consumption in TX, USA, as long as cannabis products are derived from hemp and contain less than 0,03% THC. 

Some of the essential things that you must know about cannabis law are mentioned below:

  • Cannabis can only be extracted from hemp plants.
  • All cannabis derivatives and plants must have a level of 0,03% of THC. 
  • Hemp is excluded from the list of control substances. 
  • Hemp is separated from all marijuana regulations. 
  • THC, more than 0.03%, is illegal and can only be used for medical purposes. 

CBD Licensing Requirement In Texas

Now that you understand how old you have to be to buy CBD in Texas let’s start discussing the CBD legal licensing requirements in Texas. 

Texas has introduced CBD cards for people who want to consume high THC for medical purposes. This is done with the help of the Texas Consumption Use Program. You need an approval/license from the Department of Agriculture Texas to cultivate hemp. 

Selling Of CBD Products Without FDA Approval In Texas

CBD products are in high demand, and people have now started to consume different CBD products such as oils, gummies, candies, cookies, and more. Remember, selling cannabis products in Texas is legal, and people who always asks how old to buy CBD in Texas then; the simple thing is there is no age limit. But, selling cannabidiol products without FDA approval is illegal in Texas. 

Texas law states that you need FDA approval before selling cannabis products, and cannabis sellers must have to mention their product on their packaging. 

Legal Status Of CBD In Texas 

CBD is currently legal in Texas. The state has passed any specific legislation regarding age requirements for purchasing CBD products, so there are no statewide age restrictions for buying CBD oil or other CBD-infused items.

However, individual retailers have the right to set their policies. Some licensed CBD sellers in Texas may choose to refuse to sell CBD products to customers before they are 18 y/o. However, this decision is left up to the discretion of each business owner.

The legal status of CBD in Texas could change in the future. As federal and state regulations evolve, CBD laws may be updated. Consumers should stay informed about the latest developments in CBD legislation.

Legal Disclaimer On How Old To Buy CBD Products In Texas? 

The content presented here is intended solely for educational and informational purposes. It is not to be interpreted as legal counsel. The information shared may not be up-to-date with the latest legal changes or developments, and its accuracy, completeness, or currency cannot be guaranteed.

We advise verifying our sources to confirm any updates or revisions to the information or legal status since the publication of our content.


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