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What Is Digital Printing Packaging? 

what Is digital printing packaging
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Quick Summary: Digital printing in packaging involves printing files on packaging through digital printers. Files are usually converted to the CMYK color system for more accuracy. This method is preferred for prototypes or small orders. 

We have all grown up with digital printers. We have seen them in our offices, schools, universities, and other places. We have always used them to print office documents, assignments, or similar applications. 

But have you ever considered using digital printing in packaging? If so, stay tuned because some spicy staff are about to come. 

What Is Digital Printing In Packaging?

What Is Digital Printing In Packaging

Digital printing in packaging involves transferring a digital file to a printer. Then, instead of printing on paper, we print it using different packaging materials. For digital printing, we must convert the color into CMYK and Pantone.

Unlike offset printing, digital printing requires no labor, dies, or pre-rolls, significantly reducing production costs. Digital printing for packaging is used to print prototypes, samples, and similar small staff. It is best for creating artwork in small amounts. 

Why We Use Digital Printing For Packaging?

Digital printing in packaging saves time and cost, which is why it is used at the sampling and prototyping stage. Digital printers are very short compared to offset printers, requiring no labor. They are preferred for small-quantity orders, such as below 100. They offer great printing quality, which is great for sampling. Now, let’s discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of digital printing in packaging.

Short Duration & Sampling

As previously mentioned, digital printing is very cheap compared to offset printing. We use digital printing when a business wants to order a sample or needs less than a hundred boxes.

Regarding custom packaging samples, digital printing offers higher quality than offset printing, flexographic printing, screen printing, and other types of printing in terms of cost. Another advantage is that it is very fast.


One disadvantage of digital printing is that it is not able to print high-quality images for some detailed images, which is disappointing. With digital printing in packaging, you can not print in PMS color, which can be frustrating sometimes.

Another disadvantage of digital printing packaging is that it can only print on certain types of paper and can not print on hard stocks like corrugated cardboard, etc. 

What Is Flatbed Digital Printing Packaging?

Flatbed digital printing utilizes inkjet printers to print images. Experts predict that it is the future of digital printing. It uses UV-curable inks to print images of paper surfaces. It offers several advantages, such as printing on wood, glass, metal, and other complex materials.

What Can You Expect With Digital Printing Packaging?

A special kind of technology is used for digital printing on boxes to make very clear and detailed pictures. On a business level, it’s like having a home printer that prints very accurately. The waste and pollution from digital printing are not as big as those from older printing methods. It’s better for the world, so everyone gains.

Digital printing is the best way to make unique boxes and packing because it costs less. It’s not expensive to make what you want. Digital printing is also really quick! Now that plates aren’t needed, you can get your shots faster than before.

Digital printing is a cool, high-tech way to make prints for a low price that look great and can be changed to fit your needs.

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